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4 Signs Your A/C Needs Replacing

The heat of the summer season will require temperatures of your home to be lower than that of the outside environment in order for your family to be comfortable. This means your air conditioner will be working a lot and its services will be highly needed.

That means that as much as possible, there can’t be any room for error on the part of your A/C. No one wants to go through the irritating feeling of bathing in your sweat inside your own house during a scorching day. So you’ll have to make sure that the A/C is always in good working condition. Which also implies that when a unit is beyond repair, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

Abnormal Humidity

If your keen enough you may have observed in the past when your A/C was brand new, it was capable of minimizing the moisture in your air. Now if you see that humidity has not been reduced or has even increased after some time that it has been functioning then you might want to have it checked.

Your unit may also directly contribute with this if there is water dripping from it. This also may create an environment ideal for molds and mildew to thrive in. While waiting for a replacement you may temporarily fix this using a dehumidifier. You could have one integrated into your HVAC system, or you can purchase small ones that are available in the market and depending on the size of a room and the degree of humidity, you may need a few of these.

Higher Electricity Bills

As this piece of equipment deteriorates it gradually loses its efficiency. It starts to demand more power for producing a certain amount of cold. It will start running for longer intervals trying to meet the temperature that has been instructed of it. The prolonged operation entails more wear and tear on its part making its condition progressively become worse.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of an air conditioner would be 15-20 years, but it only lasts this long if you have taken good care of it. If not it usually will last roughly 10 years. If you notice that your unit has been frequently incurring repairs and has been in your residence for more than a decade then it may be time to retire it.

If you opt to continue utilizing it, it will only cost you more in the long run through expenses from restorations, new components, and power consumption. What’s more is it will cause you all of that while most likely still not being able to sufficiently cool your home for your loved ones.

The Air Is Hot

Remember that this is an air conditioner and not a heater. It is used for making your home atmosphere colder and not the opposite. The air does not necessarily have to be warm, but if the A/C is no longer capable of producing cool temperatures then that should be a red flag. This would especially be inconvenient right now as summer is going on.

It’s always best to get the opinion of a professional for major decisions such as this. Call for one from Maxson at (630) 556-8434 to evaluate your HVAC system and recommend the best action.