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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool for Less

Summer makes it more challenging for us to keep our residences cool while trying to save expenses. Of course if you have enough money to spare, then a well performing AC cranked up to the coldest temperature would always do the trick even with the most sweltering of times during this season. Though not all of us are comfortable spending money, knowing full well we could have done something to avoid it.

Whatever motivates you to do this, don’t worry as it is very possible.

Clean Or Get Brand New Filters

Make sure that when your filters have reached their maximum capacity, meaning that there is an excess build-up of particles on it, it does not go a day without being replaced or cleaned if it is a permanent version.

The accumulation of dust and debris will block the airflow and if your equipment is not powerful enough, and it usually isn’t, it will impede it from providing the cold air your living spaces very much need. A spotless one which you just purchased will allow for your AC to do just its job with ease.

Programmable Thermostat With Zoning Features

This costs more than your conventional thermostat, but a programmable model will save you money on the long run. It gives you the ability to set schedules for when your air conditioner is to operate, so it doesn’t have to stay on when you leave. You may set it to start working 15 minutes before your expected time of arrival so you can come inside with a comfortably cold atmosphere.

Coupled with the zoning feature, it won’t need to extend its services to unoccupied areas of the home so it will only be consuming power needed for rooms with your family inside.

Install Awnings

Though awnings are no longer considered fashionable by many, it serves a very great purpose as it prevents warm sunlight from entering through your windows. The shade they provide allows illumination brought by the day, while preventing a lot of heat from entering.

So while you may expect that it may get a little darker inside your home, it doesn’t get to the point where you’ll have to necessarily turn on lights before the sun sets. With a possible exception for writing and reading activities, depending on how bright the sun is in your area.

Steer Clear Of Producing Heat

Don’t do heat producing tasks within your home which could be done elsewhere. Exercising, especially done within a small enclosed space, creates a lot of heat. It would be ideal to perform this outside or at the gym. The sweat could also lead to excess humidity within your residence, causing others to perspire. Also if you still prefer a hot shower or bath during this season then avoid opening the door when doing so as it could let the steam out.

Manage Your Windows and Doors

There are HVAC experts capable of setting your system’s air pressure to that where it can function well even with the windows open. However if your heating and cooling has not benefited of this, then it would be best to keep them close when operating.

You may open windows when it isn’t too hot and a little wind from the outside will suffice.

HVAC systems are a necessary investment for the home but pairing it with no-cost, easy and practical methods to keep cool at home lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system. You also get immediate savings on your electricity bill. Be sure to have it professionally maintained regularly to prevent any breakdowns and lessen the needs for replacing parts. Call for one of our trusted Maxson technicians to do the job at (630) 556-8434.