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Does the size of your AC Matter? Yes! Here's why

Not all of us are aware of the factors we should take into account when trying the distinguish the right one for you.

For some of you, if money is not an issue, you automatically go for the biggest model thinking that the greater the size the better it will be. However, this does not always hold true. Others, especially those who are more thrifty in their spendings, would prefer for smaller sized units with the false belief that all air conditioners are the same and bigger may merely be a luxury which allows for more benefits.

Wear and Tear

This refers to the deterioration of equipment due to the continued use of it. It is a natural occurrence that comes inevitably with operating a machinery or hardware throughout its total time of service. You cannot totally avoid this from happening but you may minimize it to prolong the object’s lifespan.

Too Big

An AC that is too large for a specific area may quickly cool things down but it will damage easily as it shuts off every time the set temperature is met. It then turns on again when things become too hot. Due to the incompatible size of the unit, this cycle will happen frequently which in turn means a lot of wear and tear.

Throughout time your model well not age well and will retire sooner than it could have even with the proper maintenance work and cleaning done.

Too Small

An air conditioner that is too small for the living space it meant to cool, may also have accelerated wear and tear as it struggles to keep up with the temperature that has been put into the thermostat. It stays running for long periods of time without probably anytime to rest and might still be unable to sufficiently provide the area with the cold it needs. If you’ve experienced this it can be quite frustrating. Imagine still sweating while the AC has already been consuming a lot of power for an hour or more.

You may have bought this at a much lesser rate, but it will end up costing you more in restorations, electricity bills and an early need for a replacement.

Getting The Right Size?

Acquiring the appropriate size isn’t that simple. The best option would be to call in professionals to do examine your home and have them advise you on this.

The way they do this, however, is by taking into account the size of the rooms of your residence that will need to be served by the AC. Next will be where you are situated. Is your area known to be rather hot during certain periods? Then the kind of efficiency you’d want from your model and then, of course, your budget.

Always try and know the many aspects surrounding certain systems within your home before you try and make changes. Remember that there will be favorable circumstances that will enable these to perform well, and it is your job to make these happen. For when you can’t do it on your own, call Maxson at (630) 556-8434 for all your HVAC servicing needs.