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How A Humidifier Can Help With Home Allergens

An allergy is nowhere near comfortable which is why it’s best to avoid allergens that cause these. There’s a prevalent belief that humidity encourages the proliferation of allergens and this holds truth to it since dust mites are known to thrive in this kind of condition. However, a dry atmosphere also triggers allergic reactions such as irritated nasal passages. Those with sinusitis are all too familiar with this predicament.

The trick is to find a proper equilibrium with the levels of moisture in the air, which is why humidifiers are important tools that should also be included in your system especially during winter when dry air is common in households.

Keep An Eye On Your Humidifier

Equipped with a humidifier in your arsenal, you are now capable of increasing water vapor found in the air. However, be observant of the air quality and make sure no to overdo it. If you find that the atmosphere as become too humid you can rest from using your humidifier or a while.

A more precise way of determining this would be to make use of a hydrometer which detects levels of humidity, or to have a feature of this nature installed into your thermostat so that it displays this information. It’s suggested that you keep it at 40% to 50% and should not exceed that.

When choosing water to place inside this device, go for the demineralized kind as minerals will aid in bacteria growth. Also try to check on the container every now and then because fungi tends to grow on these, and you wouldn’t want these being released into your home.

How A Humidifier Helps

Dry air sets off allergic reactions so you can say in a way it itself is an allergen. Congestion of the nose may happen as mucus is being abundantly produced and inflammation of nasal tissues. Skin may also become dry and for those may become itchy to some.

To remove contaminants, which are actual allergens, from the environment there are purifiers available that clear the air around the area of particles while doing the achieving the services that conventional humidifiers engage in. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Understanding Dust Mites

Initially we revealed that dust mites do favor humid conditions, but you should better understand them before you dispose your atmosphere moisturizing devices.

Dust mites eat the flakes of skin that humans and animals make daily. Now if you connect the dots, to minimize their population you it would make sense that you rid them of their food. You can do so by cleaning up. The sheets and pillowcases of your bed should be dry-cleaned routinely to remove any particles on it. Vacuum and sweep your entire home while focusing on areas where you frequent.

You can not totally eliminate all of them entirely but you can very much keep them at a minimal and healthy population while still keeping a healthy quantities of humidity.

To get a better understanding of humidity and how you can accomplish the right portion of moisture it’s best to do these under the guidance and help of a professional. Call Maxson and stay informed about HVAC things you need to know. Contact us at (630) 556-8434.