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Maxson Air Conditioning & Heating | Saying Goodbye to Your AC for the Winter

Saying Goodbye to Your AC for the Winter

Yes, it is time to say goodbye to your AC and bring in your HVAC/furnace during the winter time. Here are some details and tips on guiding you through the cold weather with your HVAC systems.

Changing Seasons Means Changing Habits

We have said “Goodbye” to Fall and began to embrace the chilling temperatures that come along with Winter. If you spent more time at home over the holidays, you may have noticed that your home's temperatures are not staying as stable as you would like. This could be a result of not preparing in advance for the drop in temperature and moving from using your AC to your heater.

Ways to Prepare

When it comes to your outdoor equipment, you would want to clear all debris that’s being covered out of the way. The reason for the clearing is because when it comes to longevity and efficiency for your AC, the airflow is the key contribution. Limited airflow can be a serious problem and cause a decrease in your systems lifespan and high utility bills during the summer. When it comes to the exterior pipes, you would want to make sure that you have foam insulation to guard and secure the pipe against frigid temperatures. Lastly, when you want to tuck away your AC unit, make sure vinyl or plastic isn’t covered around the outdoor unit. These materials aren’t breathable causing your unit to rust. Canvas is a better substance because it can prevent snow or rain from entering your unit.

Maintaining Your Heating System

Once your air conditioner is locked away, it’s time for your furnace or HVAC unit to play. The first thing you would like to do is change your air filter. By following manufacturer's directions, you should change/replace filters. Next, you should set up your thermostat correctly from cold to hot. Also, make sure you have a thermostat that is programmable. What is the reason for this? Well, thermostats that are programmed and setback, while you’re not around, can save you up to 5 and 15 percent on your heating bill. Lastly make sure to set up furnace maintenance this will help you in the long run by having reduced heating bills, low breakdowns, and an extended lifespan.
It’s time to close out the AC unit for the winter time. These steps will simply send you on your way to have a more comfortable winter without any distractions and worries of an AC. Contact the experts at Maxson Air Conditioning & Heating at 630-556-8434 for a free consultation on how to ensure that you are using your system as efficiently as possible!