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Ways Your Pets Affect Your Air Quality

Our dogs and cats are part of our family. So, in some cases, we want to make room for them in our homes, especially our cats since we don't want them leaving our yards. However, what we may not realize that when we have a house pet, there will be issues that could develop in our air quality. These issues can sometimes be quite obvious such as an odor from a litter box but in some cases, the issues may not be too apparent at first and if not addressed could cause more problems down the lines with not just the air we are breathing inside the home but with our HVAC equipment and how these operate.

Pet Dander Problems

Other than the apparent odors another obvious factor that the pet owner or even their family could deal with is allergy issues. Pet dander can be a leading cause of allergies problems. But even if someone isn't allergic pet dander will still cause issues in their homes air quality. Because pet dander is a microorganism found in the hair that pets continually shed individuals are inhaling it, and it settles within their respiratory system, over time the person could develop an allergic reaction they didn' have before.

Blocking AC and Heating Ducts

HVAC systems can also be affected by pet dander that gets into the air. Therefore whether pet owners are aware or not these systems need to be cleaned more regularly than for those who don't have pets. That would include cleaning vents and the filters as well. If someone has an air purifier in their home to help eliminate odors and to help alleviate pet dander in the air these will also need to be cleaned more often then normal.

Other Ways to Deal with Pet Dander

As with HVAC units pet, owners will need to clean their homes as well periodically. That would include properly cleaning the little box and make sure that litter boxes are kept away from air vents so that none of the kitty litter doesn't get into the system. Brush your pet at least every few days to try to remove the shedding hair before it gets embedded into the furniture. Bath your dog on a weekly basis; cats tend to keep themselves clean and don't take kindly to being given baths. Wash bedding, vacuuming the rug and the furniture on a weekly basis at least. A pet owner can also have their house professionally steam cleaned as a way to remove extra pet dander as well.

These are just a few suggestions on how to deal with the indoor pet air quality issue. Bottom line is we love our pets, and in some cases, we think of them as our own children. Like any child, pets need to be properly cared for and properly cleaned up after.

How Maxon Air Conditioning & Cooling Can Help

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