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Is Your Space Heater Safe?

Space heaters are a good way to heat our homes in the cold of winter. However, despite being used to make a certain room warm, these can be a safety hazard if not properly used. According to statistics, these units are the second highest cause of home fires in the United States. So, how do you determine that your space heater is safe? Well, the first thing to do is understand the different types currently on the market, which one is safer to use and also to find out if the unit is properly certified.

Types and Certification

The first thing to point out there are two different types of these units out there on the market, the first and probably the oldest is the one ran on gas. The second one is the electric version. Of the two of these two different models, the electric version of this portable unit would be electric. However, just choosing an electric model is just the first start there is also whether or not it meets certification. When choosing a particular model make sure it has a safety certification label that proves that the unit has been individually tested for safety quality under Underwriters Laboratories standards.

Another thing to make sure is that the unit has an automatic safety sensor that will switch it off when it overheats. Once the unit is bought, make sure to read all the instructions given about the unit itself.

Safety Tips

When plugging the unit in follow the 3 feet rule. Always make sure that the unit is 3 feet away from anything that can burn such drapes, and paperwork. Additionally, make sure that it is kept in a kid and pet free zone. Never place this unit is a child's room or in garage where combustible items are kept. Because space heaters are small, it is best to keep them out of hallways so they cannot be tripped over. Finally, it is best to unplug your unit when it is not in use.

Space heaters are a good alternative to running your heater. Though they are effective at heating a smaller space, there are some precautions that need to be taken to prevent fires. For more information about space heaters, please contact the team at Maxson Heating and Cooling.