Air Conditioning and Heating systems consume the most energy within any home or building, and keeping them up to date with routine maintenance helps them run at top efficiency and use the least amount of energy necessary on a daily basis. Keeping the repairman away and your system running efficiently can save the average home hundreds of dollars a year. Maxson Air Conditioning & Heating will thoroughly clean and check all components of your air conditioning or heating system to prevent those annoying and pesky breakdowns. Call and schedule one today!   

Maxson’s 20-Point Gas Furnace Tune-up Includes:

  1. Cycle the furnace
  2. Limited blower cleaning
  3. Clean or change filter (customer supplied or purchased from contractor)
  4. Verify limit operations
  5. Verify burner operations
  6. Measure and record amp draw inducer
  7. Inspect flue pipe & Pressure Switch Operation
  8. Measure and verify ignition protocols
  9. Clean burners
  10. Tighten electrical connections
  11. Measure and record delta T.
  12. Clean flame sensor.
  13. Cycle condensate pump (90% or better EFUE)
  14. Measure and record amp draw to blower
  15. Clean and adjust pilot assembly or HSI
  16. Clean exterior
  17. Measure and adjust gas pressure
  18. Brush and inspect heat exchanger
  19. Conduct bubble test for gas leaks (if needed)
  20. Vacuum burner compartment

Heating Service

Routine maintenance and servicing of your heating system is imperative, not only for comfortability but for safety as well. To prevent surprise malfunctions and avoid emergency repair costs, call Maxson Air Conditioning & Heating to bring you the best seasonal maintenance.